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LB & Mélange Jazz Collective

LB is an integral member of acclaimed and Philadelphia-based band Mélange Jazz Collective for which he performs as the lead saxophonist, clarinetist and blues harmonica player for Mélange Trio. Mélange is comprised of jazz veterans who all share of love of jazz and forward thinking ideals. Their creative and innovative interpretation of contemporary, classic standards and original compositions bring exciting and entertaining performances. In addition to LB, Mélange Trio includes award winning composer and pianist John Ebbert on piano, and Bert Harris, Philly’s renowned bassist. The group also performs as:

Duo: piano & bass, piano & sax/clarinet: sax & bass.
Quartet: piano, bass, sax/clarinet & drums.
Quintet: by adding a vocalist.

Samples of Mélange's music are featured in our Music section

John Ebbert

Pianist and composer John Ebbert received his BMEd at Temple University, and independently studied jazz improvisation and compositional techniques extensively with Dennis Sandole. He completed his MM in Music Composition at Temple University in 2006 where he studied with Matthew Greenbaum, Richard Brodhead, and Maurice Wright.

He has  composed original music for 17-piece jazz ensembles, TV and radio commercials, local TV themes, corporate films, documentaries, independent feature films, and featurettes. In 1987 he received an Emmy for music used in the Philadelphia Vietnam Memorial Fund TV promo. 

His most recent works include the jazz score for the locally produced TV show “First Friday TV” which was recorded in 2007. In 2006, he completed “Vector”, an orchestral piece for the Boyer College orchestra residency.


Bert Harris

Contra bass and electric guitar player Bert Harris has been a fixture on the Philadelphia world beat and jazz scene for the last thirty years. In addition to performing with Mélange Trio, he is well known for his New Orleans funk, blues, and reggae dance band, Philly Gumbo.

Bert has also performed with musicians in the Sun-Ra Arkestra, the Jamaican super star reggae band Might Diamonds, Bo Didley, South African Sharon Katz, Brazilian native Xande Cruz and Teddy Royal of Fat’s Domino band. Notable jazz performances include performances with Byard Lancaster, Bobby Watson, Khan Jamal, Jazz diva Jeannie Brooks and Brenda Smith. Bert has also recorded two cds, Ancestral Link and Pam Africa.

LB Laurent Bass

Soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophones/clarinet/blues harmonica.

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